Preferentiel  is focusing around 2 key targets of a company:

  1. The recruitment of senior executives, international executives (Managing Director, BU Managers, Branch Managers, Operations Director, Branch Managers, CODIR and COMEX members) and commercial / technical managers (CTO, Technical Directors)
  2. The positioning around the technical sector on areas of expertise (security, CRM, BI)

Our practice focuses on IT & Engineering in areas as large as the banking and insurance industry or industry and telecoms domains.


Candidates, reasons for change
The motivations that motivate applicants to apply to our firm are:
  • Willing to give new wave to their careers,
  • Feeling of being stuck or cramped in their position or in their company,
  • Want to express and publicize their managerial, sales and marketing talents
  • Inability to deal with a reorganization to express their talents to the best of their abilities.
The increasingly rapid evolution of organizations (Matrix, Vertical, Hierarchical, Multi-Dimensional, etc.), changes in governance, blockage due to reorganisations, lack of promotion, all are decisive elements in the search for new challenges!
Through a personalized interview, Preferentiel studies with the candidates the career opportunities as well as the companies responding most to their expectations.
Enterprises, the search for excellence
As managers, you must have the best profiles in your teams and especially those most adapted to the context of the moment!
Also, your expectations will not be the same in the context of crisis, growth, restructuring or transition.
The Preferentiel Cabinet is present to identify with you the appropriate personality.
From Day to day Manager to Conquest Manager, qualities differ.
Similarly, as for commercial functions, the qualities sought for an Account Management profile (English proficiency, long cycles, adaptability, conductor, face-off client) differ from those required for a profile Business Engineer (conviction force, hunter, quick and quantifiable results, energy rhythm), it is also essential to identify potential candidates with the ability to evolve from one function to another.
The Preferentiel company is present to work with you on all of these subjects
Our methodology
We use several channels to identify and track our potential candidates:
  • The direct approach : the “Network” is one of our major assets and our main source of approach
  • Use of Social Networks associated with local job board
  • Our multi-site presence enables us to sourcing and identifying the best resources 24/7
  • Advertising through general and specialized sites to broaden our competency base

The use of directories (Business Schools and / or Engineers)

Each pre-selected candidate is subjected to a technical test and a character test. This character test aims to identify the candidate’s self-confidence, leadership, emotional capacity and sociability.
The candidate is given the synthesis of his personality.
The Company receives the main characteristics of the candidate’s personality, accompanied by a detailed analysis resulting from a personal interview


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